Toss It
She’s got glasses to help her see
hearing aids to help her hear
got a wooden leg to help her hop around
I’m certain that’s a pain in the rear

She got false teeth and one glass eye
when they’re in she’s got a beautiful smile
she's got botox lips, replacement hips,
she’s putting them all in a pile

She's Taking ‘em off getting ready for bed
while I'm sitting here drinking my beer
I said "honey, when you get to the part I like -
toss it on over here."

Yeah toss it on over here
if you can spare it for a minute or two
It won’t take long, till I’ll be done
and I’ll toss it right back to you

she’s got a blonde wig, nose job,
and breast implants,
she’s also got a padded rear
I said Holy Smoke, is this a joke,
all that artificial gear?

When she takes it all off, there ain’t much left
just an arm and a leg and an ear,
I said “ When you get down to the part I like -
toss it on over here”