Universal Love
Universal Love © 2008 Eddie Rhoades

I am waiting on a message from a distant star,
floating through the night, on a ray of light

And in it is a pledge of universal love,
a million miles apart, in affairs of the heart,
distance really doesn’t matter much at all

Like two laser beams of light, colliding in the night
In a galaxy so far, so far away
With our souls floating free, we have met our destiny,
in the timelessness of universal love

In dreams I imagine that the spirit of your soul,
floats through space and time,
merges into mine, and makes me whole

I’m the first to admit it’s hard to understand,
my telepathic hope, my secret plan

Oh but I believe in magic and I believe in dreams,
this is not an illusion of mirrors and confusion,
our universal love was meant to be

Mmmhmmm - ooooOoo - umhumm universal love