Liquid Love
Living with secrets and shame
Hiding my sins
Through the years
My life seemed hopeless, but then
Jesus changed my heart within.
He gave me living water
He washed away my shameful story
He gave me the Holy Spirit
And now I give Him the glory.
Say Yes!

Chorus: Yes, my Liquid Love (REPEAT 4 times)
**Ad lib (You’re my living water/You are my liquid love/You’re everything I need/I love you/My Liquid Love

You are Jehovah Jireh—When I’m in need—You’re my provider
You are Jehovah Nissi—When I’m in battle—You are my victory
You’re Jehovah Rapha—When I am sick—You are my healer too
You are my friend—and all I need is you
Say Yes!

No more secret, no more shame. My life will never be the same.
Liquid Love, Liquid Love
**Ad lib (You told the woman at the well, You’ll give her some living water/Oh Lord, You gave me that Same Water/I’m no longer afraid—no longer ashamed. Yes, You’re my Liquid Love.