Brown Town

There’s a town in the middle of nowhere,
You won’t find it but in your mind.
And every time that you go there,
You don’t know what you’ll find.

I just needed to see the sunset,
So I followed the road up the hill.
Had a vision of a troubled girl,
Threatened to be killed.

Hey boy can’t you read the signs,
This haunted place is where the devil dines.
Take our advice and leave this town,
And don’t come back to Brown Town.

There’s a town in the middle of nowhere,
You might find it but in your mind.
‘Cause there’s a chance that when you go there,
You might have to leave your soul behind.

Inside the Meltzer Grocer,
Was the young girl I had seen.
As I got little closer,
I saw frightened eyes of green.


Reaching for my deepest feelings,
I uncovered my guitar.
Directing illegal dealings,
Was a man who hid behind a star.

He said, “What do you think that you’re doing here?”
“Hey Man, I’m just checking out your lovely town.”
As he smiled I saw darkness,
“Better be gone before the sun goes down!”


Parked the car, went into Meltzer’s Place,
I saw the devil face to face.
He was holding the girl with emerald eyes,
He had her in his embrace.

I started wondering, “What am I doing here?”
I grabbed the girl and I started to run.
I heard him laughing as we drove away,
I started thinking, “Brown Town sure was fun!”