Used to dream about a girl named MaryJoe
And in the dream she’d follow where ever I’d go.
Everywhere that I went she was sure to go
She’d follow me around the world
Never missing a show, never missing a show.

Once I dreamt that I was sitting naked by the phone
I swear it was the strangest feeling that I’d ever known.
When everyone that I’d ever met walked into the room
All they did was stare at me like they were looking
Into a tomb, into a tomb..

My Imagination is
Driving me mad.

Once I dreamt that I was looking for shells on the seashore
Enjoying the sun and thinking of nothing more.
When all of a sudden a tidal wave crashed upon the beach.
They say if you die in a dream you die for keeps,
You die for keeps.

I dreamt I was on the wings of a giant bird
I screamed for help but nobody heard.
It took me way up high and dropped me from the sky
as I fell I realized I…I could fly…I could fly.


I used to dream about a girl named MaryJoe,
And now she follows me wherever I go.
I don’t know what’s up, I keep falling down
I look at the world and I see a clown,
I see the face of a clown.