Don't You Wanna Go To Heaven
12. Don’t You Wanna Go To Heaven - David Marshall/Four Iron Music and Isaacs Family Publishing, BMI)

12. Don’t You Want To Go To Heaven (by David Marshall)
Lead Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Tenor Vocal: Jamie Dailey
Baritone Vocal: Tony King
Bass Vocal: Glenn Dustin
David Marshall, a member of the bluegrass gospel group, the Marshall Family, helped to popularize the a cappella style in that genre during the 1970s. He has since pursued a dual career as a songwriter and musician. This composition was popularized by the Isaacs, who recorded it in 1995, 1996 (live), and 2005. It is a perfect closer for “Singing From the Heart,” merging elements of both white and African-American gospel singing traditions.