Jesus Is Coming Soon
9. Jesus Is Coming Soon – Lyrics & Music: R. E. Winsett
(public domain)

9. Jesus Is Coming Soon (R.E. Winsett, 1942)
Lead Vocal: Jamie Dailey
Tenor Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Baritone Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Bass Vocal: Jeff Pearles
“Jesus Is Coming Soon” was the first #1 Southern Gospel record for the Oak Ridge Boys, and helped to bring the song to national prominence in 1970. Dailey & Vincent’s ornate ending employs a style familiar to audiences of touring Southern Gospel quartets. The lyrics become more poignant when one notes their origin in the early part of World War II, long before the war’s outcome could be known. The R.E. Winsett Company, based in Dayton, Tennessee, was one of the most prominent publishers of shape-note convention songbooks.