The Old Rugged Cross
6. The Old Rugged Cross – Lyrics: George Bennard; © 1913 Renewal 1941 The Rodeheaver Company
(public domain)

6. The Old Rugged Cross (George Bennard, 1913)
Lead Vocal: Jamie Dailey
Tenor Vocal: Shawn Lane
Baritone Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Bass Vocal: Glenn Dustin
Recitation: Malcolm Hill
“We knew everyone would know this one, and we wanted (Tennessee Bible College president) Malcolm Hill to do a little recitation, placing it in Biblical perspective,” recalls Jamie. Moments of hilarity ensued in the studio as a preacher’s notion of brevity clashed with the 30 seconds of humming set aside in the pre-recorded vocal tracks. In his first take, Dr. Hill was still talking, several minutes after the entire song had ended. “I started giving him hand signals,” says Jamie, “like the guy that guides a plane into the gate. Darrin about burst the window of the studio, screaming with laughter!”