Farther Along
4. Farther Along – Lyrics: W. B. Stevens; © 1937 The Stamps-Baxter Music Company
(Stevens/Bridge Building Music, BMI)

4. Farther Along (Attributed to W.B. Stevens, 1911. Arranged by J.R. Baxter, 1937)
Lead Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Tenor Vocal: Jamie Dailey
Baritone Vocal: Tony King
Bass Vocal: Glenn Dustin
“We’ve sung this in church all our lives and most everyone knows it,” says Darrin. “It was the first song we ever recorded together. The baritone and bass parts were added later.” Together with V.O. Stamps, arranger J.R. Baxter organized the Stamps-Baxter Publishing Company, the Stamps-Baxter School of Music, and numerous touring quartets – of which the Stamps Quartet is still in operation more than 80 years later. Commercial recordings by Charlie Monroe (1938), Roy Acuff (1940), Bill Monroe (1962), the Stanley Brothers (1965), and the Byrds (1971) also helped to popularize the song.