Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
3. Hide Me, Rock Of Ages – Brantley C. George © 1946 by O. A. Parris, in “Charming Refuge” Assigned 1947, to Stamps Quartet Music Co., Inc.
(Arr. J.R. Baxter/Bridge Building Music, BMI)

3. Hide Me, Rock Of Ages (Brantley C. George, 1946)
Lead Vocal: Jamie Dailey
Tenor Vocal: Darrin Vincent
Baritone Vocal: Tony King
Bass Vocal: Glenn Dustin
Dailey & Vincent’s arrangement is more straightforward than dramatic early renditions by the Statesmen, Blackwoods, Rebels, and other Southern Gospel quartets. The Osborne Brothers recorded a bluegrass/country trio version in 1968 (before either Jamie or Darrin were born). On the internet, the author’s great-grandson Taylor states, “The man who wrote it was just a poor, southwest Georgia farmer. He went to all the church sings, revivals and gatherings that he could get to. The song was written on a brown paper bag while he was sitting under an oak tree in the corner of his field. He sold the rights to this song for the small sum of $25.00.”