Owed To A Hypocrite
Butch Robins

This song right here’s for HYPOCRITES -
Those who live under that double standard,
"Do As I Say, Not As I Do".

Your days are surely numbered
Time’s closin’ in, it’s true
They’re gonna lay you down, push the ground, right in over you
I’m sure there are those who’ll miss you, many who will cry
Before you go, I want you to know, no tears will leave my eyes.

If you’re goin’ to Heaven, Brother, I don’t wanna go
I’ve had enough of you, don’t need you no more
If your sermons and actions, which never seem to gel,
Will get you in to Heaven, I’d just as soon go to Hell.

Uh, Hypocrite -

Tell me one more time, the way things oughtta be
I suppose you know, you’ve told me so, a time or two or three
Guess you’ve got things covered, when you make all the rules
But judgement passed on your fellow man show me nothin’ but a fool.

Politician, clergyman, you have audacious nerve
Taxes and collection plates enslave those you claim to serve
Our means of social order, you now use to control
Enjoy your ride on your steed of pride
Goddamn your soul!