Barley Station
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  • 10 Nights
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:57) [9.05 MB]
  • Younger Summer Memories
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:32) [8.08 MB]
  • Goodnight Mary
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:02) [6.96 MB]
  • Damaged Goods
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (04:28) [10.23 MB]
  • Safe Return
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (05:23) [12.32 MB]
  • Rain When You Go
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (04:08) [9.48 MB]
  • No Breaking Ground
    Genre: Rock
    MP3 (04:29) [10.27 MB]
  • Medusa
    Genre: Classic Rock
    MP3 (04:33) [10.42 MB]
  • Mr. Rain
    Genre: Folk-Rock
    MP3 (03:24) [7.77 MB]
  • Never Leave
    Genre: Roots Rock
    MP3 (04:42) [10.75 MB]
  • True
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:42) [8.46 MB]
  • I Found You
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:35) [8.21 MB]
  • Dream You Lost
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (04:02) [9.24 MB]
  • Abilene
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:47) [8.64 MB]
  • Want It To Be
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:25) [7.81 MB]
  • Cobalt Blue
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (04:16) [9.76 MB]
  • Close To One
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:30) [8.02 MB]
  • Can't Sleep For Venus
    Genre: Roots Rock
    MP3 (04:18) [9.85 MB]
  • After All
    Genre: Roots Rock
    MP3 (03:43) [8.51 MB]
  • Kitty Kat
    Genre: (Choose a Genre)
    MP3 (03:16) [7.48 MB]
  • Last Nashville Rose
    Genre: Alt. Country
    MP3 (03:20) [7.65 MB]
  • Common Knowledge
    Genre: Alternative
    MP3 (03:38) [8.31 MB]
McPherson 12 string acoustic guitar
BARLEY STATION is one of those rare double-fronted bands whose music combines the roots of Americana, Pop/Rock, Country, and Folk and puts them in a blender with a dash of amaretto pouring out a tasty glass of contagious sound! The result is a distinctly alternative blend that draws deeply from its roots yet looks forward and to the future.

Leicester Bangs (UK) gets it just right with their review of the album, "they blend alternative country and rootsy folk-rock into a style that has all the pop appeal of the classic Jayhawks records, but remains earthy and resolutely unpolished. It’s a win / win for me, and I’m sure they’d appeal to both No Depression readers and fans of first generation country rock; they just need to be heard."

And indeed they are getting heard, day by day.

Nominated for "Best Country Artist" as well as "Best Folk Artist" for the 2013 Artists In Music Awards, the group has done interviews with radio and magazines globally, including an extensive interview with the Entertainment Vine, numerous radio interviews, and has been featured and performed live on FOX 2 News in their home base area of St. Louis, MO.

Their debut album "After All" was released on Feb 29, 2012 (leap day) and stayed in the top 40 in the Country/Alt. genre for four consecutive months (including two months in the top 10) on the APD Global Radio Indicator Charts TM. The album has appeared on the Missouri state’s Roots Music Charts, and on the CMJ reporting stations that have added songs into rotation, those songs broke through the top 30 by the second week. The group has toured the United States to support “After All”.

Music Dish Journal puts it this way about the critically acclaimed first single, “Rootsy alternative country at its best" and "I Found You” will find itself at home in any country music fan’s collection.

And proclaims, "Barley Station has an addictive “twang” about their music that, honestly, I never knew I liked. In fact, I had to make a new category in the Genre section for Country just for them."

The music features two, three, and occasionally four-part harmonies, driving rhythms, and contagious melodies. The songwriting covers the whole gamut of emotions moving from upbeat bright material to darker or introspective moods. The sound is punctuated throughout with rootsy alternative country, bright pop/rock to progressive folk and alternative pop/rock sensibilities.

With roots in Missouri and Texas this quickly emerging group puts together the influences of their roots with the dynamics of the unknown tomorrow.

I AM Entertainment Magazine says, "Barley Station's eclectic brand of rock, country and folk music will give fans of those genres something to talk about. "

Real instruments - real voices - real harmonies - organic


More on Barley Station:

Barley Station's front line is a duo of two singer/songwriters, Randy Wayne Belt, and Brian Kious. On the drums, keeping the beat going is newest member, Nil De Silva. This core is occasioanlly backed onstage and in the studio by background & harmony vocalist/songwriting partner, Casey Wollberg. Their music reflects the influences and roots of the writers who are products of the crossroads of music in the midwest, St. Louis, MO.

“Many hardcore genre purists even like what we’re doing, though some don’t, but its who we are, and we can’t change that. It’s just how we write and how we’ve been influenced”, explains Randy. He adds, “I was once told by a hard core country fan that mixing pop into country (or folk) in one of my songs is like spitting in beer! Though he seemed to come across as rather offended by our genre bending, the person proceeded to say he couldn’t help but like that particular song.”

Randy, Brian, and Casey worked together in the midwest based group, The Barnacles, honing their songwriting, stage, and composing skills for years. Barley Station is no stranger to radio and press. Under the banner of their previous group, The Barnacles, they achieved the release of several CDs, national and regional tours, performed well over 300 live shows, given radio interviews, and had airplay on over 200 land radio stations, including college, public, and some commercial radio. They received medium rotation on TABC’s ‘Best of Rock’ show and enjoyed everything from light to heavy rotations on other stations. Their genre blending sounds gave them a constant #1 pick up rate (over 90% consistently) with their radio promotion firm. Barley Station will be a group to watch as they take those previous successes to new levels.

You can find music by the founders of Barley Station (Randy Wayne Belt and Brian Kious) under their old band name, The Barnacles, here:
PR Contact: Randall Belt
Radio Promotions Contact: Abby Montgomery ||| ph# 615-491-0918
  • Members:
    Randy Wayne Belt, Brian Kious, Nil De Silva
  • Sounds Like:
    Johnny Cash meets the Beatles, Bright Eyes, The Jayhawks, Wilco, Keith Urban - Rootsy but looking forward
  • Influences:
    Blue Rodeo, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Keith Urban, Kathleen Edwards, Blue Rodeo, The Jayhawks, Old 97s
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    09/19/13 08:33:58

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