My Time To Shine
MY TIME TO SHINE By Amanda Markley ©2008

I’ve always had this dream
But everyone keeps telling me “you’ll never make it”.
I wanna believe in myself
But that’s harder than it seems.

CHORUS: But it’s my time to shine, my time to soar
Reach for my dreams, show it to the world.
It’s the right time, I’m in the right place
Gotta move on, I have what it takes.

No one’s gonna hold me back,
I gotta be strong, I can go on.
I’m gonna make my own way,
Be true to myself, I’ll show you the way.

‘Cause I know this is my destiny, I’ll show you who I can be Oh yeah. Oh
And I will never let you down, you can never count me out. Oh no, no…….