My Time To Shine
This song is dedicated to all the teen girls like me who want to believe in themselves! We all can build confidence and self esteem by following our dreams.

I wrote the song "My Time to Shine" when I was 15. This song is really personal for me because it's about believing in yourself and following your dreams. When this song came to me I was going through a time when it was really hard for me to have self confidence and it didn't seem like the dreams I had would come true. People would tell me I couldn't do certain things that I wanted to and I felt like that wasn't right. I needed something to help pick me up when my world was crashing around me. One day when I was playing my guitar, the lyrics came to me, so I wrote them down and more just flowed from my heart and the song grew into what it is now. I'm really passionate about singing and being creative, so this song came from my heart. It can be hard for anyone to believe in themselves and have the confidence to persevere, so I wanted to write music that would help people through those tough times and encourage them to push through and keep moving forward. I needed to be inspired in my own life and I discovered that I could do that through my music and I fell in love with writing songs. Writing this song has opened up a whole new chapter in my life and I am so glad that it can inspire other people out there and touch their lives.