It's All About Me
It’s All About Me
K Hocter, A Williams, T Gould

I heard the sad news Yeah I heard it yesterday
She told you to pack your bags And go far away
I laughed and I waited by the telephone
Knowing  you’d call begging To come back home

I was surprised it took so long For you to make that call
But after everything you put me through I shouldn’t be surprised at all
there was a time I would have had you back But I don’t need your company
Cause baby this time it’s all about me

It’s all about me
and it’s nothing bout you
I’ve gotten wiser
And I’ve found better things to do
You gave up your crown
And I like being the Queen
ahhhh Baby Now it’s all about me

What you left ain’t here no more It just got in my way
I took it all to the Good Will store Got a tax receipt today
For once you did a good deed You wouldn’t do it on your own
I just hope your golf clubs Have found a home

Might as well call your Mamma See if she’s forgiven you yet
She always like me better That’s what she always said
I’ve already changed the locks and I don’t Have an extra key
Cause Baby this time it’s all about me