If We Could Live A Thousand Years
Green mountains watchin over fields of yellow light
cross through the riverbed leads us to the site
where we first sat awhile and tuned into the night
where love grew deeper stronger and wise
before it’s time.

You called upon this restless heart
and it answered in kind
We fell into each others trap, careful words and wine
we found the reasons no one could deny
not it flows sweeter softer and fine all the time.

If we could live a thousand years
we both would never tire
up upon this mountain tending to our ancient fire
we’re looking up to heaven but it looks just like here
that’s why the raindrops falling down..
shine like stars my dear

Far from the time when we first held each other right
up to this moment no day passes by
when we don’t think about the flame we felt that night
where it grew deeper, stronger and kind before it’s time