Are You Mad
Why aren’t you talking to me
why don’t you hold me anymore
why aren’t you talking to me
am I not a sight for your eyes anymore
Don’t you care for me like you did once before
Is it because I wrecked your car
maybe this time I went too far
but I was wishin way upon a shooting star
when it all came to a stop around the bend
and in a flash before my eyes I saw your love end

Are you mad and don’t you want me anymore
are you done and are you walkin walkin out the door
are you still mad and don’t you want me anymore

And then there was the time that this ole house burnt down
I guess you cannot cook that’s what we found
but the fire in our hearts burned it too the ground
guess I’ll find a way to just keep you around
or I may follow you like some sorry love sick hound

You said the road to me was paved in gold
but my love has dangers yet untold
you’ve wandered now for miles without my hand to hold
your finding out a different kind of pain
kind that only lonliness can bring