My Tombstone (Weathered Fields)
Walk upon these weathered fields
to think about this life
how some may never leave their home
but know that they’ve arrived
worked hard to bring a brand new start
and please those ones around
but never seem to satisfy
swear I tried to give a damn

so I took off on a cargo plane
above the big white haze
see the places where I’m bound
the past I’ll never chase

They won’t write on my tombstone
of good deeds and fine farewells
when I have no more tomorrows
my heart will live in those who weep

Then I cast out on the open blue
and drifted there awhile
sailed on through a generation
till the strong gale finally died
recall a strugglin family
I helped when they were down
left a wage but didn’t stay
to where that heros crown
Now I’ll wash myself inside the wind
like I’ve always done
set a course and push along
to a distant midnight sun..

Now back upon these weathered fields
to think about these miles
how the only the life I’d like to know
is one that’s not a lie..