Flick of a switch (radio edit) - more songs and remixes available on www.soundcloud.com/secretwishmu

Verse 1
Time ticks away so slowly I
Can’t wait till the days over
You’re last kiss still lingers on and on
But you’re gone
Tick tock the clock seems to have stopped
I’m stuck in this hangover
The radio keeps playing all the same old songs
I’ll be waiting here for you untill the morning comes

With a flick of a switch
You’ve been turning me on
I can’t control the desire that’s burning strong
With the touch of your lips
With a zip of your tongue
Can’t explain how I feel but it’s what I want

Verse 2
Clock watching I can’t give it up
You’ve got me stuck i’m dreaming
Temptation’s never good enough
When there’s love
Herat’s stopping beating like a drim
Adrenaline still pumping
I’m trying to recreate the scène that plays in my mind
You and me together like we’re one of a kind


Mid Section
I’ll keep waiting, contemplating
Anticipating My earth shakin
I’m not faking, you’ve reawakened me
I’m clockwatching, you’re breathtaking
You’re unlocking my hearts racing
Because you give me everything I need

Chorus x 2 ( to stop )

Written by Paul Drew / Pete Barringer / Greig Watts
Copyright 2005 Drew/Watts/Barringer