Not Today
Verse 1:
It’s a bad day; and they tell her it that it just got worse
As she stands there waiting nervously beside the hearse
While across the street they stand with signs and shout a curse
And her heart weeps

Suddenly, she hears a rising sound approach
They crest the hill; those iron horses bring her hope
That her soldier’s last ride won’t turn into a joke
And the thunder peaks

They come from every walk of like, but find common ground
For the dignity of a patriot, they’ll always be around

The voice of hate just can’t compete
With two hundred Harley’s on the street
See them rolling up, side by side
In a solid wall, Ol’ Glory waves
To shield a fallen hero’s grave
And the loved ones, (1) gathered/ (2) standing / (3) grieving there beside
Evil may yet still have its way
But the Patriot Guard is here to say…
Not today

Verse 2:
Some ride three hundred miles just to do their part
In making sure those families are kept apart
From those who seek to benefit from their broken hearts
They’re the Patriot Guard

They never ask for nothing when they answer the call
Chopper-riding musketeers; all for one and one for all

Not today…

Not today…NOT TODAY!