Not Today
This song is a tribute to the Patriot Guard Riders, and it's called, "Not Today." The PGR are a group of Harley-riding patriots who began showing up at the funerals of our service members (always with their permission), whenever the West Burrow Baptist Church protesters tried to protest at the funeral. The PGR riders would interpose themselves between these loathsome protestors and the grieving family of the deceased soldier, forming a solid wall of US flags and occasionally revving a hog engine to drown out the hateful chants of the protesters.

Since then, the PGR has grown to almost 250,000 members, and acts as honor guards at any vet's funeral where the family asks for them. They also run a "Help on the Homefront" effort, organizing activities at veteran's homes and hospitals. They are at every major departure of a deploying military unit, and at every homecoming. My hope is to set up a charity fund, such that all profits from the sale of downloads of "Not Today" will go to benefit the families of departed service members.