Brotherhood of Man
Well this world would be different if we all spent the bucks, help all them people who are down on their luck. Well this world could be different, it could really be worse--you could have them hobos livin' right in your shirt.

Well I saw you in Florida, well, you were havin' pancakes for breakfast. You were witnessing the pictures of the pantry-chef's mistress. Then you went out for cigarettes and you never did come back. That's what always happens when I know where everything is at.

Well, I think I'm a gonna go to India where a poor man can be poor. I think I'll be living in a bowl of tears, and be American no more. Or maybe I'll go sailing away, playing that Chopin's Mayonnaise while I'm a waitin for my president to make me a better day.

Well when I was laying out dying, I saw you take a look, mending other people's underwear, and I was readin' a book, I got to tell you honey dear you gave me a treat, the best I ever had, well, it's staggering how the rag-man can wind up in the bag.

You came along and you broke my heart, well, here's a surprise to you, I wasn't even living on that farm with you. 'Cause I was residing somewhere way up in my head, where the angels sleep on daffodils and the drunks lie on feather-beds. And that's why I keep losing and you always win, 'cause you really care about the brotherhood of man. That's why I keep losing and you always win, because you really, you really care about that old brotherhood of man. (let's go)..

Well, here's a little song I came up with in a dream. It folds in upon itself like the mind of an old man. And it's the kind of dream that you don't have to be in, if you don't feel like playin in that old brotherhood of man...