Dorothy- words and music by Linda Holt C1985 (dedicated to Joe Gravenstine, Joe Egan, and Tom McDonough)
Chorus:Oh Dorothy, are you still confused? Did you get(find) what you came for when you clicked those heels(shoes)?
1) The wind took you and it blew you away. You lost control, your head began to sway. Hold on, hold on, hold on to your dreams.
You came down to earth, landed with a thud. Your sanity's gone, your head feels like sludge. Hang on, hang on, hang on to your mind.
2) Walkin' down that road, lookin' for relief. Sat upon a rock, rested your feet.
There, there, there, you're not alone. One then two, two, no there's three, they're smilin' at you,
Say don't you look sweet, but you're hard, hard, hard, sad, and bruised.
Bridge:Don't worry, they won't hurt you. They were sent here to help you from the man above.
3) So you let them come in and four began to talk. You soon felt so good, no need for that walk.
Not alone, 'cause they walked with you. Not alone, they were meant to be with you.
4) So keep on smilin' now, laugh a little more. The wound is still there, but the pain you can ignore. Thanks to three good men,
Your new friends. Thanks, thanks, thanks, and I love you. Smile on, smile on, smile on, your star's still shinin'.