The Tempest

In a faraway land and a long ago time
An age so beautiful and sublime
Rocky shoreline overlooks the sea
Picture of peace and tranquility
On the horizon lurks a shadow of doom
A vision that’s dark and cold as a tomb

It is the Tempest . . . out there in the night
Unleashes it’s fury . . . thunder and light

Soon it is seen, it draws ever nearer
The threat that it causes can never be clearer
People all scatter and run for their lives
Only with luck they hope to survive
In no time at all it reaches the shore
And wreaks its vengeance all the more

It is the Tempest . . . it’s run aground
Turns the city upside down

The winds, they howl, the trees, they do bend
Those left behind fear it’s the end
Rain pelts the ground like tears from the sky
Misery pours down from on high
A show of force is felt all over
It’s pointless to try to run for cover

It is the Tempest . . . the storm unleashed
Striking when it’s expected the least
It is the Tempest . . . expected the least
Striking the city . . . the storm unleashed

Vocals - Maria Glass
Keyboards / Orchestration - Philip Wolfe
Guitar - Rick Plester
Bass - Paulo Gustavo
Drums - Dave Norwoods
Choir (Soprano) - Shira Renee Thomas
Choir (Mezzo-Soprano) - Amy Arms
Choir (Tenor) - Dylan Thomas
Choir (Bass) - Bruce Wright