From Me To You
Christy love pours her heart out in vocalizing this beautiful melody written by Jonathan Zarzosa. Her feelings and emotion are transferred into words as she tells her true love that she is giving herself to him totally and without borders. She is saying I love you and I am yours.. here is my love.
Christy Love, the singer said this:“My thoughts on the song, started with the title "From Me To You" which are the first four notes of the song and it was very easy after that. I just listened to the beautiful melody and felt a loving feeling and the story of the song unfolded. The words seemed to flow with the melody, creating a love story between God Jonathan, and myself and I really enjoy singing the song. “As for Jonathan's thoughts....."In Mexico one rainy afternoon in my studio on my piano, I created the intro for this song and from there the melody developed with no stopping. As you can hear, this is a romantic love song. Now, with lyrics added from my wife, Maria Zarzosa (aka Christy Love), a new song is born "From Me to You".