Al Separarme De Ti
Description of Al Separarme De Ti. ASCAP 3340682 & SACM 12276 Al Separarme De Ti (Having separated from you) is sold for the benefit of: . This inspirational love song speaks to the problems we all face during a separation or the break up of a love affair. We have all been through them and this music will bring back memories as well as give you an understanding of the underlying feelings of the individuals involved. Then play it again and dance the Rumba to it. Excellent dance and listening music that will stay with you. Music and arrangement by Jonathon Zarzosa a top US and Mexican composer, arranger, conductor who currently is a headliner at Barona Resort & Casino in Lakeside California. The lead vocalist, Jose Pepe Turon, a famous Mexican Pop and Ballad singer, was killed in Mexico; and this song has become a lasting TRIBUTE to his memory and exquisite voice. The duo DOS lives on.