The Beer Song
The Beer Song

Now I still Love you honey don’t get me wrong
I wanna make myself clear
‘Cause I got a few good reasons I wanna tell you
Why I’d rather love my beer

Beer will always stay at home and chill
When you’re hangin’ with your friends out at the bar
You know your beer is never gonna keep you waiting
And you can leave your beer in the car
When your beer is flat you can toss it out
Bad hangovers go away
A Beer will not get jealous when you grab another beer
And if you want it to a beer will always stay
You can share a beer with a friend
You don’t have to wine and dine a beer
A beer won’t get pissed off if you bring home another beer
Can you see where this is going is it clear
Beer always goes down easy
Beer is always wet
You know you were the first and only one to pop your beer
Beer never gets upset
A beer will never care what time you came home
It’s ok to have a beer in public
Your beer will never ask for or expect equality
Beer tastes good and you don’t have to wash it
If you change your beer you won’t have to pay
Alimony till you’re old and gray
Beer will always be there for you when you need it most
So let’s all go and have a beer today

Now I still Love you honey don’t get me wrong
I hope I made myself clear
So now you know the reason I’m takin’ off
I’m goin’ out to get a beer
I just wanna have a beer
I’m gonna go and get some beer
Shut up and let me drink my beer!