Bite Me

When I’m down I think of you
All the things that we went through
I know it’s over but I’m still in love with you
It’s been so long since you’ve been gone
I think about what went wrong
In my heart I know that you still love me too

Bite me you stupid bitch [Tramp, Slut, Whore, Bitch]
Your parents spoiled you & your high maintenance
You left me cold & lying naked in a ditch
You drained my bank account & then
Slept around behind my back & when
You said you loved me how dumb was I to let you in

We never seemed to get it right
All we ever did was fight
I never will forget that night we ended it
I sat around pulling out my hair
You seemed to vanish in to thin air
Patience has a boiling point you took me there

Standing there my patience thin
On his arm when you walked in
All your lies now I know that you’ve been doing him

After that all I saw was red
Your new boyfriend punched me in the head & I was
Bruised & broke in the gutter beat up & left for dead

Bite me you stupid bitch
You slept around behind my back & then
You lied to me ripped out my heart then stepped on it