All The Lies She Told
All The Lies She Told - Roger Green, November 12, 2003

Now don’t come around with your hat in hand,
Don’t ask me to forget
Don’t sigh, don’t cry, don’t ask me why,
It won’t help one bit
Don’t think this time that love’s as blind as the day that we first met
It’s true, I’m blue, I’m through with you, all my plans are set.

Now time and time you’d cheat, you’d lie,
You’d sing that same ole song
This time’s the time you crossed the line
Between doing right and wrong.
I’ll have my say, be on my way, it won’t take too long
Right here with you just keeps me blue, and it ain’t where I belong.

You bet, I’m be going down that long lonesome road
I’m set, my grip is packed, it’s a heavy heavy load.
As highway miles go by me
And cloudy skies remind me
Of the girl I left behind me
And of all the lies she told