Loved And Lost
Loved And Lost - R. Green Aug 9, 2005

The rain is coming down so hard, the clouds are dark and gray
I should be moving down the road, but my heart tells me stay
I need to get a handle with the sorrow on my mind
To heal this hurt will take more than just a little time

I’d like to grab a bottle but I’ve been there before
I use to drink away the tears but don’t do that no more
And it don’t help at all to pace and walk the floor
Cause it will take more than time to heal a heart this sore

I’ve got to find a way to ease the pain and make a start
At smoothing over troubled times and heal this broken heart.
I’ve thought of 15 ways or more of doing myself in
And every time I think I’ll try, I stop and think again.

It makes no sense at all to me to never try again
I know there’s times I’ll likely fail, trying hard to win
More troubled times and rocky roads I’m sure to trip and fall
Better to have loved and lost then never loved at all