Sunny - Classic R&B - Vocal Duet Smooth Jazz

Airborne - New Horizons - Tilt Records - 2010

Writer - Bobby Hebb - BMI

Publisher - Chrysalis Standards OBO Portable Music - ASCAP

Time: 3:50 - ISRC - USJ5C1000005

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Adult Contemporary - Contemporary Jazz - Latin Jazz - Smooth Jazz - Jazz & R&B Vocals - World Music - Island Music - Caribbean Music - Fusion - Funk - Cool Jazz - Hot Jazz - Joyful - Music for the World

Thomas Borino: Piano - Keyboards - Vocals
Thomas Sansone: Sax - Flute - Vocals
Greg Borino: Guitars - Vocals
David Ramsey: Drums
Steven Clarke: Bass
Asher Delerme: Percussion
Randy Bost: Trumpet - Flugelhorn
Elizabeth Dellinger: Vocals

The warm, yet cool atmosphere of this wonderful project takes you to a new day filled with joy and hope. Groove music with depth and character that is captivating and entrancing.

In ancient times the word Horizons meant across the world. The music of Airborne the proclaimed “Musical Peacemakers” of Contemporary Jazz reminds and encourages us that we can create a new world of peace. One world of people searching and waiting for a sunrise of happiness that’s just over the new horizons.

The emotion and passion of Airborne is like a musical healer who keeps us closer to the light of truth and opens are senses to hear and feel that glorious message of love and compassion.

Communicating that all things are possible if we Live, Laugh and Love. To Live our life to fullest sharing goodness to others. To Laugh we can sustain our hopes through times of trouble. With Love we can do great things.

Airborne shines a smile of heart and good feeling people really need from listening to music.

With inspiring compositions of genuine substance, “New Horizons” is a pleasant offering to jazz lovers who reach out for new expressions.

Airborne gives one hope that contemporary jazz is still alive. But most important we are One World! One People searching for “New Horizons”.

Airborne is a multi-cultural Contemporary Jazz group based from New Haven, CT. USA

Formed in the 1980s Airborne celebrates years of recording projects, jazz festivals, concerts, city and community events, corporate and private functions, educational workshops and residences, and clubs. The members have toured across the World.

Airborne has released many Award Winning and Chart Topping CD's and has received Worldwide Airplay and International Acclaim.

Airborne has a beautiful trademark jazz sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion. Joyful Jazz with a Message

“Airborne gives one hope that Contemporary Jazz is still alive"

"Real jazz by artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause"

Airborne was awarded a Merit of Honor by the World Peace Organization for Excellence in World Music and as Humanitarians

As Performing Artists, Recording Artists, Educators, and as Humanitarians the band’s quality of excellence and compassion has kept them on the road to success

"One has to admire Airborne, a veteran jazz band that has made inroads into the hearts of jazz fans across the world over the years. They are a supercharged carnival of musicians that add a much needed dose of global adventure to jazz" - Jonathan Widran - All Music Guide

"Airborne’s musical recipe takes a can of straight ahead jazz with Caribbean and Latino influences. Pour in a few tablespoons of jazz fusion and a heaping cup of urban street funk. Then cook all ingredients with pure technical talent till it gets boiling hot" Mixx

Extremely original, creative, great compositions embraced with wonderful arrangements, the band bodes well for media and exciting live performances