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Airborne - Cool Breeze - Tilt Records - 2021

Writer - Gregory Borino

Publisher - Heavy Vibes Music - BMI

Time: 5:35 - ISRC: USJ5C2100009

Airborne - Tilt Records Recording Artists - (1988 - 2021)

Thomas Borino: Piano - Keyboards - Vocals
Thomas Sansone: Sax - Flute - Vocals
Greg Borino: Guitars - Vocals
David Ramsey: Drums
Steven Clarke: Bass
Asher Delerme: Percussion
Randy Bost: Trumpet – Flugelhorn
Donte Hall: Vocals
Elizabeth Dellinger: Vocals

Airborne - Cool Breeze - This very upbeat music of Airborne takes you on a Musical Journey to Destinations of Jazz - Contemporary Jazz - World Music - Jazz Funk - Jazz Fusion - Jazz and R&B Vocals - Lovely Melodies - Hot Grooves and Percussion - Very Musical - Radio Friendly

Great Music to Inspire, Motivate and Uplift you in this New Year 2021

High Energy Contemporary Jazz - Awesome and Electrifying

Excellent Compositions, Outstanding Musicianship and Vocals with Superb Arrangements - Worldly, Magical, Jazzy, Rockin and Funky

Airborne has a beautiful trademark jazz sound of Island Passion and Urban Emotion - Mixing Jazz with World Music and Funk

Another testimonial to the wisdom, endurance, spirit, determination and extraordinary talents of the contemporary jazz group Airborne

Festive, Fun, Joyful, Vibrant and Uplifting - Music for the World

The signature jazz sound of Airborne was nurtured in the communities of Art and Music that flourished in the streets of the multicultural city of New Haven CT USA, where the band was born

The formation of Airborne was in the early 1980s by Thomas Borino, Greg Borino and Thomas Sansone and then in 1988 they embarked on their amazing jazz recording career to achieve Award Winning and Chart Topping CDs

"The vibrant arrangements fire their hot music, while the techniques of the musicians awake an addictive "feel-good" theme with upbeat rhythms and inspiring melodies smoothly cruising on a cool atmosphere of music and voices"

"Airborne the "Musical Peacemakers" of Contemporary Jazz sends out an Inspirational Message of Hope to the World"

"Even after many years of performing, over 26 CDs and Singles recorded, soundtracks edited, writing and producing for themselves and other artists there still shines a deep love in the hearts and souls of many in the music industry and fans for this band and their life of music with continued Worldwide Airplay and International Acclaim"